Press release: Crowd Cow has Japan’s most exquisite steak

A5 Kagoshima cut

On February 28, Crowd Cow is offering a limited amount of A5 Wagyu imported directly from Japan. A5 Wagyu contains higher proportions of healthy omega-3 fatty acids than Angus steak and is legendary for umami flavor, filigreed marbling, and fat so soft it melts against your skin.

Our A5 Wagyu comes from the Kuroge Washu breed -- one of four native Wagyu breeds in Japan and the only one genetically predisposed to fine-grained intramuscular marbling. We work directly with farms in Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures, regions regarded as producing some of the Japan’s best beef, to source our A5 Wagyu. A5 is the highest-possible quality rating in the hyper-rigorous Japanese beef grading system, and reflects a sky-high marbling score (that’s those little blips and dots of creamy fat), pillowy tenderness, and exceptional flavor. Kobe beef, while considerably more famous, only needs to meet an A4 rating.

Our A5 Wagyu pre-sale event will run from February 28 at 8am until it sells out (likely 1 - 2 days). Customers can go to to claim their steak.

We’re excited to be bringing Japan’s highest-quality beef directly to the doorsteps of American eaters. Founded in 2015 by startup veterans Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzeberg, Crowd Cow curates the best steak from craft beef producers and introduces eaters to the delightfully diverse flavors of cattle breeds, finishing programs, and farming regions in America and beyond.

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