Wild for Wagyu? Try these techniques

Purebred Fullbload Wagyu steaks on a plate

We taught you how to cut your beef like the Japanese and perfectly prepare your A5 Wagyu. We wanted to find a few more ways to cook your Wagyu, so we checked out the #A5Wagyu tag on Instagram to see how beef buffs prep their platters. Not going to lie: these breakout stars are a party just waiting to happen.

Beef Up Your Brunch

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we say specially prepared Wagyu beef should be the centerpiece of that meal! Try pairing thinly sliced and lightly crusted strips of Wagyu with pastured eggs, served any style. Add a side of herb tossed potatoes or fresh greens to balance the plate. It’s never too early to enjoy a finely crusted steak but if your friends aren’t on board with breakfast beef, just call it brunch and they’ll never know the difference! Mimosas optional (but highly recommended).

Wagyu and pastured eggs, taken by @manalikarma

Sweet and Simple Sizzle

Having a few people over for an elegant dinner party? Treat them to the best steak they’ll ever have paired with local vegetables and the beverage of your choice. Sizzle and slice your way through an exquisitely marbled cut, lightly finished with the classic salt and pepper duo. Roast your veg in the oven for a low-hassle side. Pair with a hearty glass of red wine or an ice-cold pilsner of your favorite lager. Truly a carefully curated twist on a classic feast.

Japanese A5 Wagyu perfectly sliced, taken by @mrfrankstagram

Black Truffle Sous Vide

Smooth, subtle, and soft to the touch, cook sous vide Wagyu for a perfectly crisp exterior and juicy, marbled interior. Exquisite umami flavor meets earthy black truffles when you add just a dash of black truffle on top. Appreciate the combination of unique flavors and fun cooking techniques for a memorable meal that will leave you (and your friends) wanting more.

Black truffle sous vide A5 wagyu beef steaks, taken by @kiwiemeister

Classic Charcoal Grill

You may be a master griller but Wagyu beef isn’t your typical throw-it-on-the-grill meat. Instead of grilling over an open flame and losing the rich, tender flavors imparted by the delicate marbling, nestle your Wagyu cuts in a hefty cast-iron on your grill. When the outside is perfectly seared and the inside is soft and supple, your mouth will thank you for the skillet grillin’. Saute an onion or other root vegetable on the cast iron afterward and infuse your veg with that refined umami flavor. We’re blowing a chef’s kiss with our fingers just thinking about it.

Shodoshima A5 Wagyu ribeyes

Steak on Sushi

And why not? Get back to basics by elegantly draping mellow and buttery cuts of Wagyu over a small ball of sushi rice. Your guests will adore the simplicity of a meal this beautifully marbled and richly tender. For a bit of a kick, you can sprinkle a touch of wasabi or a dash of soy sauce atop the tender and buttery steak. Let the smooth flavors melt in your mouth and linger gently on the palate for the rest of the evening.

A5 Wagyu-sashimi, taken by @jheitzeb

Joe just got back from a trip to Kagawa with Mike Bagale, the former executive chef at the 3 Michilen Star restaurant Alinea, who told us that he always cooks his Wagyu sous vide! His tips? 58 degrees then chill. Temper to room temp, then salt and pepper. Grill, rest, slice.

No matter how you cook your Wagyu, we know it will be the star of the show. The deep and subtle flavors of high quality beef will leave you yearning for more (even if your wallet says otherwise). Whatever you’re celebrating, this intensely tender and richly marbled meat will sing its siren song. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Wagyu dish

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