Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Meat Partners with the Audobon Society

Since Crowd Cow’s beginning, we’ve always had a deep-rooted connection with the environment and eco-friendly practices. After all, what’s better for the earth is better for the animals — an in turn, better for you!

Working with farms that do things the right way helps protect the planet in more ways than one — and your support means these farms can continue doing what they do best through more sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices.

Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef Pastures

One of our grass-fed beef sources, Panorama Organic, was recently recognized for their commitment to the environment, partnering with the National Audobon Society — one of the oldest bird conservation organizations in the world — to add nearly 1 million acres to its Conservation Ranching Initiative.

Over 95% of grassland bird species live on pastures, so protecting this land is critical. By working with farms like those in Panorama's network, it ensures these pastures remain protected and cared for — and can continue providing a home to hundreds of native wildlife species.

“Over the last 50 years, no ecosystem has been more imperiled than the grasslands, including pastures and rangelands that birds like the Grasshopper Sparrow and Western Meadowlark rely,” said Marshall Johnson, director of Conservation Ranching for Audubon. “When birds go silent, that’s an indication that we're losing our soil health and wildlife habitat. We recognized early on that partnership between Audubon and ranchers was mission critical to saving them.”

When managed correctly, cattle play a key role is protecting and improving soil health and regenerating the land. As they move and graze across the pastures, they turn up clods of soil and deposit nutrient-rich manure, naturally fertilizing the land.  Along with a rest/recover period, this helps grasses and plants grow and create healthier pastures.

Why is this important? Healthier pastures not only sequester more carbon in the air, but also create biodiversity, preserving and enhancing the habitats for grassland birds and other wildlife.

“Each ranch in our network hosts the most important plants and animals in their states,” said founding Panorama Organic rancher, Darrell Wood of Leavitt Lake Ranches of Vina, Calif. “I am confident that with this Audubon certification program, our ranchers will be able to further embrace regenerative agriculture to improve the environment for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.”

Check out our Instagram Live with Marshall Johnson of Audubon Society below to hear more about this exciting partnership!

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