How to Grill Frozen Patties

You can save time and enjoy perfect hamburgers by grilling frozen patties.

There’s no easier way to prepare great hamburgers every time than starting with premium patties and grilling straight from frozen.

Prep the Patties

Grab the patties right out of your freezer. Cut open the pack and use a sturdy grilling spatula to carefully split them apart. Remove any paper separators.

Season the burgers lightly with salt and pepper.

Note: thawing for a couple of minutes may make splitting easier and will help the salt and pepper stick.

Fire up the Grill

It helps for it to be hot.

Flip every 3 to 5 minutes

Place the seasoned, frozen patties on the grill and flip every 3 to 5 minutes. Keep an eye on things as they sizzle and cook. If you encounter flare-ups, shout “oh mama!!” and move the burgers to a separate area and wait a minute for things to settle back down.

Total cook time: 15 to 25 minutes.

Toast the Buns

Right now you may be thinking, “I’ll skip this part, it’s not worth the hassle.” Yes it is. Also, please melt some butter in the microwave and brush that on. It’s worth it.

Stack your Burger

Mayo, onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat, pickles, mustard, ketchup, bacon? It’s up to you, but whatever you choose, just remember: you deserve it.

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