Shake Shack helped us uncover our secret weapon - ground beef!

People love farmer's markets because they're a place where one can meet local, small-scale producers and bring home the very best food.

What we're doing with Crowd Cow is taking concept and running with it, focusing solely on craft meat. That's why we say Crowd Cow is the marketplace for craft meat.

We've searched the world for the very best of these regional farmer's market champions -- who are uncompromising in their dedication to flavor, quality and high ethical standards -- and made their products available in one place, with the click of a button and delivered to your doorstep.

You don't need to be from Northern California, Eastern Washington, Texas, etc. to get the very best of their local craft meat. We've taken that journey for you, and you can reap the benefits of our trial and error!

Thus, thanks to our passionate early customers in Seattle, when Shake Shack came to Seattle scouting for something special and local to showcase for their launch, they came to Crowd Cow and helped us uncover our secret weapon: the ground beef.

Crowd Cow's ground beef isn't leftovers from grinders or a bunch of meat from unknown origins. This is premium ground beef from local, small scale farmers who we've identified as the very best in the world.

These are burgers from animals raised to produce steak and which has been dry-aged. This is ground beef so juicy and delicious that you'll serve it and expect people to remark how they've never had ground beef this good.

That's why this partnership has been so fluid. Shake Shack cares about quality and hospitality. They wanted to create something local and delicious that you can't get anywhere else, which is our specialty.

We're so thankful to Shake Shack for this opportunity to show the masses we have some of the best ground beef you'll ever have. Try it yourself to see what we mean.

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