The story of Craft Beef on The Intellectual Agrarian

I recently spoke to Terrance Layhew, the host and creator of The Intellectual Agrarian about Craft Beef -- our new book and the movement itself. Terrance was raised on an Organic farm, has worked in farmers markets and is today an Organic inspector. He is someone that has spent a great deal of time thinking about farming and its role in society.

The podcast episode touches on what Craft Beef means, some of the "ah-ha" moments that led to the book, why labels such as "grass-fed, grass-finished" in the grocery store might not mean what you think they mean, what true transparency is and why it ultimately benefits farmers and consumers alike. Enjoy!

Listen here

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Also check out episode 26 with Joel Salatin, which touches on issues including multigenerational farm succession planning, the (broken) label system, the importance of biological biodiversity on farms and more.