Meet Crowd Cow Ambassador Ezra Wagner

Ezra is a self proclaimed backyard bbq chef and food blogger, who will take any opportunity to fire up his Traeger. Whether it is off the grid, in his backyard, or for his local first responders, cooking for others is his passion.

Who inspires you?

Gordon Ramsey & Bennie Kendrick

What’s your favorite meat dish or meat preparation? Do you have a recipe you would like to share with us?

Reverse Seared Ribeye. I set my Traeger Timberline to 225 Super Smoke using Texas Beef blend and then season my steak and smoke it for about 30-45min. (or until I hit an IT of 110). In the meantime, I fire up my Traeger Ranger at 450 and when my steak reaches the desired temp, I transfer it and give it a quick sear on both sides with some butter, rosemary and garlic. I pull at an internal temperature of 125 and let it rest for 10 min before I slice it up.

What’s your morning routine?

3am rise and shine, coffee, feed my dogs, quick exercise and stretches, then off to work.

What’s the one thing in your kitchen you couldn’t live without?

My Messermeister knifes and Spiceology.

Vanilla or chocolate?


What’s your favorite Crowd Cow Product?

I could rave all day long about the Steaks from Tasmania. If you haven’t tried them, do yourself a favor and do so!