5 tips to grill the perfect summer burger

The perfect summer burger


Grill on a flat surface

A cast-iron pan will catch all those meaty, umami juices instead of dripping them away into the sand (tear). You can put the pan directly on the grill, just make sure to use an oven mitt!

Keep the patty nice and loose

You want your burger patty to be packed so loosely it’s almost falling apart. If you pack it like a hockey-puck, it’ll taste like a hockey-puck.

Salt generously

I’ll say this: It’s really hard to over-salt a burger.

Toast the bun, always

Too often flying under the radar, the bun can make or break your burger. Toasting it directly on the grill kicks overall burger deliciousness up a notch.

Let the meat be the star

If cooking with Crowd Cow beef, try a simple burger: Just meat, cheese, and bun. Good beef doesn’t need to be smothered in toppings.